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3 Reasons to Call a Stump Grinder

Dead and Decaying Stumps can Cause Multiple Problems
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Curb Appeal and Home Value

Old rotting stumps will lower the value of your home, and also keep people from wanting to buy it. It may even affect the neighborhood value. Call us today for a quote on removing that old stump in a quick and affordable way by grinding it down.

Maintaining a Healthy Landscape

Decaying stumps attract disease, rodents, and pests. Often times small rodents take up residency in these aging stumps, or even ants can be happy in an old stump. These rodents and pests will soon visit your home. Stop them now, by removing the stump before they move in.

Safety of your Family and Friends

Unsafe conditions arise from stumps left in the ground. Stumps are not always seen, causing someone to easily fall and get hurt. Kids are often running in the yard, and may not see the stump causing them to trip and become seriously injured. Call Us Now for a Free Estimate!

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Looking for Stump Grinding Services in the Melbourne Florida Area?

Whether it is for a home or for a business, stump grinding services are sometimes necessary. Trees age and die leaving a stump that needs to be removed. Disease and pests invade trees causing them to die and the stump needs removal. Storms can damage and break trees off, which will leave a stump that needs to be taken out. There are a number of reasons you may need a stump grinding service.

Stump grinding is often much more cost-effective, plus less invasive than stump removal. Stump removal is where the entire stump is pulled from the ground, leaving a large gaping hole. Often tearing up the lawn where the roots came out cannot be avoided. Dirt will have to be brought in, then the holes filled and leveled off. The grass will have to be planted to cover the area. Maybe even a new tree will be planted in the newly made landscape space. This process is typically a few hundred dollars more than stump grinding services. 

The best option almost all the time is stump grinding because it is more cost-effective and does not tear up the yard like stump removal. A machine is used to grind the stump down while it is in the ground. It will be ground down below the soil surface, so no new sprouts grow back. With nothing left above the ground to receive light, the roots will eventually die in their place. A new tree can often be planted right by the old one that has been ground down, so you will never know there was an old stump. 

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